Ayurvedic Had Rolled and Essential Oil & Herb Infused Chakra Incense
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Ayurvedic Had Rolled and Essential Oil & Herb Infused Chakra Incense

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This Incense has been custom blended to incorporate ancient knowledge Vedic medicine and yogic knowledge of the energy that emanates through the Chakras(energy centers of the body).The incense is hand blended from natural botanical ingredients and rolled according to ancient Ayurvedic  Tradition.

Only pure natural plant substances- herbs, wood, charcoal, gums, resins, flower -petals roots, and essential oils are used to make the Chakra Incense.

The assorted Chakra  Incense Pack contains  14 sticks, two each of all seven Chakras  See individual Chakras for more details below

Root Chakra Incense contains Mysore Sandalwood. Precious Mysore Sandalwood oil is grounding and removes tension and depression; it helps through periods of fear. Its energy is said to be protective and dispels negativity. Vetiver roots and essential oil: Deeply grounding,earthy fragrance that nurtures our spirit. Cedar wood: Balancing and stabilizing energy strengthens the spirit and dispels negative energy. Ginger: Increases vitality,activates willpower and enables us to take intiative with determination,which leads to achievement of our life's goals. Ginger is said to attract prosperity.

Sacral Chakra Incense contains Ylang-Ylang Floral scent that soothes,balances and instills confidence; reduces negative emotions and anger. Patchouli: Its deep,earthy fragrance is both grounding and sensual. Supports creativity,relieves nervous exhaustion, uplifting to the spirit. Rose Geranium: Relaxing and calming, it nourishes creativity and joyfulness. Promotes harmony and happiness. Palamarosa: Its cooling energy is soothing,calming,removes tension and restlessness. It opens the mind to change. Lemon: Uplifting,fresh,inspiring,clears emotional confusion. Neroli: Instills confidence and strengthens the mind,removes blockages and allows us to be present in the moment.

Solar Plexus Incense contains Davana leaves and essential oil. Davana flowers are the traditional offering to the god Shiva. Their energy is balancing and soothing. It connects us with our creative energy and intuition. Fennel: Its cooking energy soothes the fire element of the solar plexus. It opens the mind for compassion,promotes confidence and courage. Enhances the ability to communicate. Sandalwood: Used at the level of the Third Chakra,Sandalwood promotes self esteem; calms and comforts. In its role as spirit guide it directs our awareness toward our spiritual needs. Geranium: Relaxing and uplifting, nourishes creativity and harmony in relationships. Champa Flower: With its exotic,deep floral scent the Champa flower guides us to develop our intuition and helps us to stay grounded. It assists us on the spiritual path by balancing the need for power adn control in favor of serving a higher good. Jasmine: Brings balance,hope and confidence. Lavender: Clears and balances,calms and strengthens. Soothes the overheated,fiery ego.

Heart Chakra Incense contains Palmarosa. Soothing and calming energy. Removes tension and restlessness. Opens the mind to change,comforts the heart. Connects body,mind and spirit. Saffron: Balancing,uplifting. Rose Petals and oil: The rose is the universal symbol of love and compassion. Its fragrance opens the heart to experience love, and to extend forgiveness and love to others. It helps to overcome the pain of grief and assists in healing. Rose creates a protective energy field that shields from negativity and attracts compassion,hope,joy and patience. Bergamont: with its aromatic citrus scent Bergamont lifts the spirit,conveys the experience of joy adn courage, and is generally balancing. It soothes and lightens the burden of a grieving,wounded heart.

Throat Chakra Incense contains Mysore Sandalwood. On the energetic level of the Throat Chakra,Sandalwood acts as a protector and spiritual guide. It promotes confidence to express ourselves and guides our intuition by keeping us close to our divine spirit. Bergamont: With its aromatic citrus scent Bergamot lifts the spirit,conveys the experience of joy and courage, and is generally balancing. Lavender: Clears and balances;calms and strengthens. The energy of Lavender awakens us and makes us more attentive to our spiritual path.

Third Eye Incense contains Basil. Supports clarity of mind; assists faith and devotion. Camphor: Awakens perception,clarifying. Jasmine: Enhances intuition,invites original thought, inspires and assists in transformation. Lemon: Bright and clear energy strengthens intuition and focus. Eucalyptus: Clearing energy opens our mind to experience life without fear. Revives our spirit, supports clarity of vision

Crown Chakra Incense contains Frankincense. Centering;opens the consciousness to make contact with the Divine;creates an atmosphere conducive for prayer and meditation. Camphor: Awakens perception,clarifying. Myrrh: Invites tranquility,calming. Centering, grounding. Supports meditation and your spiritual journey.

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