Amethyst Sterling Silver Handmade Fair Trade Pendant - Kail Yantra Pendant
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Amethyst Sterling Silver Handmade Fair Trade Pendant - Kail Yantra Pendant

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Kali Yantra Pendant with Amethyst

Kali Yantra Pendant .925 Sterling Silver. The Indian Goddess Kali is the powerful image of a creator goddess and nurturer, the essence of motherly love and feminine energy. Worlds are born by her, sustained by her and absorbed in a never ending cycle of her own opening and closing. Her symbol is the “yoni” shown as triangle pointing down. A Yantra is composed of lines forming a diagram in which envisioned and experienced energy is concentrated. A square with four entrance portals represents the boundaries enclosing the meditating self.

The Nepal Sterling Jewelry Fair Trade partner was established to financially support a large Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Profits help support this monastery. The monastery now houses over 200 young monks living in exile. We have inspected the workshops and visited the monastery many times. It is an amazing, beautiful, clean, joyful place. This company supplies many of our silver jewelry, copper bracelets, and more

The India Sterling Silver Jewelry Fair Trade Cottage provides the Jewelry from this region.
The inspirational jewelry is handmade . One of the cottage industry partners is an amazing husband and wife team that embodies Fair Trade and preserves the art of handcrafted jewelry making and gemstone cutting.

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