Clear Crystal Quartz Gemstone Vogel Triangle Pendant
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Clear Crystal Quartz Gemstone Vogel Triangle Pendant

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Clear Crystal Quartz Vogel Triangle
Three-dimensionally, the Star of David is the Merkaba, which is the Light-body. In the language of Hebrew, the word Merkaba means ‘the heavenly Throne-Chariot"

The Star of David is a symbol dating back millenia. It is composed of two triangles, one point up, the other, inverted. It is a symbol of the higher Trinity and the lower Trinity coming together The three sides of the triangle helps to maintain clarity of the mind, assisting you to remain focused and clear about bringing your dreams to reality an to provide protection.

This triangle cut was developed by Marcel Vogel, one of IBM’s leading research scientists who was the founder of Psychic Research, Inc.

Clear Crystal Quartz is a gemstone of manifestation .The gemstone energizes and activates the energy centers within the body. It helps you to think clearly, which will allow you to focus and become clear about your desires.

Wearing Quartz Crystal every day is extremely beneficial to wear for healing, chakra balancing, energy cleansing and the enhancement of your meditation

Quartz Crystal Triangle Vogel Pendants are said to represent love, faith and charity.

Affirmation:"I am love .I am light .I am healed"

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