Mala Meditation Beads Budda Mala Prayer Beads
Mala Meditation Beads Budda Mala Prayer Beads
Mala Meditation Beads Budda Mala Prayer Beads
Mala Meditation Beads Budda Mala Prayer Beads
Mala Meditation Beads Budda Mala Prayer Beads
Mala Meditation Beads Budda Mala Prayer Beads
Mala Meditation Beads Budda Mala Prayer Beads
Mala Meditation Beads Budda Mala Prayer Beads
Mala Meditation Beads Budda Mala Prayer Beads
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Mala Meditation Beads Budda Mala Prayer Beads

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Meditation Beads Budda-Mala Prayer Beads

The mala is a sacred string of prayer beads blessed with mantras that spiritual aspirants use in a practice called “japa.” “Japa is a type of communication between 'here' and 'beyond', between the part and the Whole. The mantra should be recited with highest attention and deeply interiorized.”
Each mala has the auspicious number of 108 beads plus the untouched Sumeru bead, which are made from natural materials capable of carrying energetic vibrations. Traditionally, the spiritual master blesses the mala with mantras and transfers divine energy to a disciple upon giving it. In order to keep this sacred energy pure, no one else should touch the beads. As it is highly important to keep your mala away from external energy, with an attractive encasement, to keep the beads' energy sealed and completely protected from unwanted energy. All Malas come with corresponding mantras with information on its unique qualities.

8 different prayer bead choices

8 Different Choices

Rudrākṣa means “the eye of Lord Shiva” in Sanskrit. Rudrākṣa beads are the seeds of a Himalayan fruit tree that the scriptures say sprang from Lord Shiva’s tears while he meditated with open eyes to save the world from evil forces. Rudrākṣa beads are treasured for the manifold powers they bestow, such as tranquility, concentration, and above all, assistance on the path to enlightenment.$20

Sandlewood Mala
Gaṇeśa, the wise elephant-headed god is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Also called “Ganapataye,” he is the remover of obstacles and Lord of Wisdom and Intellect. His name is invoked at the start of every new endeavor, ritual or ceremony. Kundalini Yoga teaches that Gaṇeśa has his permanent abode in the Muladhara Chakra, the base energetic center within every human being.$35

Malachite Mala
Lakṣmī, the consort of Lord Vishnu, is one of the primary forms of the Devī and is the goddess of spiritual and material wealth and prosperity. With a beautiful golden complexion, Lakṣmī symbolizes beauty, fertility and purity. Her four arms represent the four aims of human life: dharma (righteousness), artha (wealth), kama (desire), and moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death). $40

Tulasi Mala
Tulasī is a sacred plant whose name means “the incomparable one.” She is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, who incarnated as Sri Krishna and Lord Rama, and is worshipped as a living goddess, particularly by those who admire the transcendental devotion of Radhe-Govinda. Tulasī beads are carved from its stems and are auspicious because they please Lord Vishnu and bring the wearer closer to the Divine. $28

Amethyst Mala
The Devī, or “Divine Mother,” is the feminine aspect of the Divine. She symbolizes the divine power known as Shakti, the internal energy of the Lord. The Devī, sometimes called “Ma,” is at the core of every Hindu goddess. In all her forms, including Ganga Devī, she bestows blessings, spiritual advancement, and liberation upon her devotees.$42

Tiger Eye Mala
Durgā is the invincible form of the Devi. The supremely radiant goddess rides a lion and carries in her eight arms various weapons, such as Lord Shiva’s trident and Lord Vishnu’s disc, as well as the lotus flower, which together symbolize the unity of all divine forces. Durgā manifests when the existence of the gods is threatened. Self-sufficient, she is the goddess of the divine feminine power known as Shakti.$40

Rosewood Mala
Sri Hanuman is a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and unswerving devotion. He was an avatar of Lord Shiva, and though he had the body of an ape, mystical powers such as flying that enabled him to help Lord Rama fight evil forces. Hanuman is the ultimate example of a devotee.$28

Moonstone Mala
Lord Rama was one of the great avatars of Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the universe in the Hindu Trinity, with the duty of destroying evil forces. Rama symbolizes dharma, virtue, and the embodiment of truth, and was the perfect son, husband, and king.$42

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