Quartz Crystal Healing Chakra Stone Bracelets - Stretch
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Quartz Crystal Healing Chakra Stone Bracelets - Stretch

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Quartz Crystal Healing Chakra Stone Bracelets- Stretch 10 MM stones

The Quartz Crystal Healing Chakra Stone Bracelets are designed to assist you in balancing, aligning and cleansing your 7 chakras. These healing crystal bracelets contain chakra stones for each of your chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning circular wheels of energy, in and around the body.
The 7 chakras line up in the center of your body. Each chakra is associated with a color, musical note, shape, belief system, element and specific crystals.
The 7 chakras offer valuable information to help heal the mind, body and spirit. Chakra Healing Bracelets were made with powerful chakra stones—each of your 7 chakras

1st Root Chakra is connected with security and foundation.

The 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra is connected with willpower.
The 4th Heart Chakra is associated with love and forgiveness.

The 5th Throat Chakra is connected with expression and truth.
The 6th Third Eye Chakra is associated with your intuition, inner voice and guidance.

The 7th Crown Chakra is connected with the Higher Self.

The Chakra Healing Bracelets The beads may differ slightly in color and pattern from the picture because they are natural gemstones.

To activate your Chakra Healing bracelets, sit quietly, holding your piece in both hands. Breathe in the highest white light and visualize your intention for your piece. The stones are listening. It is now ready to wear. For optimum results, wear your bracelets for 40 days straight (it's okay to take it off at night).

Setting Your Intention:
To activate your own Bracelet, sit quietly, holding the stones in both of your hands. Breathe in the highest white light and then visualize your intention for the jewelry. You may also say your intention aloud if you would like. The stones are listening and ready to carry your intention. And your piece is now ready to wear.

Cleansing Your Jewelry:
Your gemstones will work best when they are cleared and cleansed. So, cleanse and activate them often! Here are some recommended ways to cleanse your jewelry:
1. Place your jewelry on the soil or branches of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours.
2. Place your jewelry outside under the sun or full moon for at least 4 hours.
3. Steadily hold your jewelry in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick until your piece becomes still.
4. Lay your jewelry on a piece of Selenite or Quartz Crystal for at least 6 hours

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