Sandalwood Bead Fair Trade Prayer Bracelet Handcrafted Fair Trade
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Sandalwood Bead Fair Trade Prayer Bracelet Handcrafted Fair Trade

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Handcrafted Sandalwood Prayer Bead Bracelet ~

The traditional materials of our beads are said to have curative and balancing qualities. All of our bracelets are strung on elastic to fit all sizes and made by our Fair Trade cottage industry partners. Our Sandalwood bracelets are made from a total of 28 pure Mysore Sandalwood beads. Based on Vedic and Buddhist traditions, the large bead represents the teacher or teachings, and is called the 'Meru Bead', named after the mystical mountain of Meru. Sandalwood is calming, cooling, and helps to facilitate meditation. The natural fragrance of the sandalwood beads will last for years, with no oils added.

The Fair Trade Partners that provide the Sterling Silver Jewelry are located in Nepal & India.

The Nepal Sterling Jewelry Fair Trade partner was established to financially support a large Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Profits help support this monastery. The monastery now houses over 200 young monks living in exile. silver jewelry, and copper bracelets

The inspirational jewelry is handmade. One of the cottage industry partners is an amazing husband and wife team that embodies Fair Trade, and preserves the art of handcrafted jewelry making and gemstone cutting.